To be the most outstanding Kindergarten among Parents, Kids, Teachers and Kindergarten Industries in Malaysia.


     When we set up Tadika Kastil, deep in our heart, we know that we want to make it to be the most outstanding Kindergarten in Malaysia. Hence, when parents are thinking of enrolling their kids, they will think of Tadika Kastil because they agree with our ICTM teaching methodology.


  Besides, when college graduates holding an early childhood diploma or a degree are looking for a job, they will put Tadika Kastil as their first choice to work with because they know that Tadika Kastil is the right place for them to grow, learn and contribute to the education industry in Malaysia. Of course, we also want Tadika Kastil to be the most respectful brand name among the Kindergarten industries in Malaysia where the Kindergarten operators want to learn from us.

Tadika Kastil
Tadika Kastil
Tadika Kastil


To cultivate Outstanding and Happy kids with Confidence, Creativity, Strong Academic Foundation and Right Value .


     Most of the traditional Kindergartens still emphasize on acade-mic result and they mainly focus on Left-Brain learning. However, kids who are forced to learn to achieve good academic result will definitely not have much learning interest and, most of the time, they are not happy. Furthermore, studies show that kids with good academic result won't guarantee that they will have a bright future. Good academic result doesn't promise bright future.




   However, with more than 20 years of experience and in-depth expertise in children education industry , we find that kids who have creativity, confidence, Strong Academic Foundation and right value (Sharing & Giving love) will definitely be outstanding and happy.



Creativity + Confidence + Strong Academic Foundation + Sharing & Giving Love = Outstanding & Happy kids


  Therefore, in Tadika Kastil, we design our ICTM teaching methodology which emphasizes both the Right-Brain and Left-Brain learning approach to cultivate the kids to be creative, confident and to have the right value and learning interest. Kids will learn fast and yet they will have lots of fun.

Vision & Purpose


Tadika Kastil
Tadika Kastil
Tadika Kastil

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