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Creativity, Confidence, Strong Academic Foundation and Right Value

    When we set up Tadika Kastil, we are very clear in our mind that we want to cultivate Outstanding and Happy kids instead of cultivating kids having good academic result only.


      Therefore, parents always ask us how we do it or it's just a beautiful slogan. Parents are curious whether there is any 'formula' or method which we can cultivate Outstanding and Happy kids with creativity, confidence, strong academic foundation and right value. Indeed, from our many years of experience and expertise in children education, we do find out there is a "formula" to cultivate Outstanding and Happy kids. The theory and formula have even been written by the founder of Tadika Kastil, Mr. Victor Lee, in his book named "No Worry to Kids' Future"(不再担忧孩子的未来). This book is a must-read book for parents and parents-to-be.


      From his studies and researches, Mr. Lee finds out that kids who have creativity, confidence, strong academic foundation and right value of sharing and giving love will definitely be Outstanding and Happy. Therefore, this formula is implemented in the teaching methodology of Tadika Kastil.

Outstanding and  Happy Kids​

   In Tadika Kastil, the teaching syllabus is designed and edited according to this teaching methodology. Kids in Tadika Kastil are trained to be confident through the lessons and they will execute many projects through out the terms to ignite their creativity. Besides, the teaching syllabus has been designed according to the principle of Participation Learning so that kids have so much fun in learning and they like to learn.


     Last but not least, kids in Tadika Kastil are instilled with the right value of sharing and giving loving. We have created an environment where teachers give lots of encouragement and compliment to kids here and they feel the love from the teachers also. Besides, kids will participate in few projects in school to help orphanages, single-parent family, old people in old folk house or those who are in need to learn the good value of sharing and to help the society.


     With all these four elements being implemented in the teaching syllabus of Tadika Kastil and with the cooperation and understanding of the parents, we believe kids in Tadika Kastil will be Outstanding and Happy.

Teaching Methodology of Tadika Kastil

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