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Basic Enquiry

  • Information of Franchising Fee

  • Information of Setting up Capital

  • Information of Business Model

1st Appointment for Interview

  • Assessing the qualification of potential Franchisee

  • Evaluating the rate of success

Signing of Preliminary Agreement

  • Explaining the Franchising Business Model

  • Signing of Preliminary Agreement

  • Collecting Upfront Deposit of Franchising Fee

Signing of Full Agreement

  • Explaining Details of Agreement

  • Collecting 80% of Frachising Fee

  • Explaining Working Schedule

Schedule Tracking

  • Monitoring Renovation Work.

  • Planning Marketing & Sales Activities

  • Doing Staff Recruitment

  • Providing Training to Branch Principal

  • Providing Training to Staff

  • Counseling of the Business

Starting the School

  • Finalizing the Opening Day of the School

  • Delivery of the Teaching Material

  • Delivery of the Course Book & Workbook

  • Delivery of the SOP Manual

  • Attending Training

Collecting Application Fee of RM500.

- Filling in Franchise Application Form

Collecting Outstanding Fee



Evaluation for Approval


Franchise Procedure by Tadika Kastil


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