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Founder's Story

Founder's story of setting up Tadika Kastil

     Many people asked me: "Why do you want to spend so much mon-ey and effort to set up Tadika Kastil? You have been in Tuition Education Business for so many years. What are the reasons to make you shift your focus to Kindergarten business?"

Why set up Tadika Kastil ?

     I recalled back the time when my daughter was about 3 years old and she was about to go to Kindergarten. My wife and I had done a thorough research on the kindergartens around Bukit Indah area in JB. However, we were so disappointed that, at that time, we hardly found one kindergarten whose hardware and teaching method could meet our requirement. To us, we want our kid to study in a kindergarten which emphasizes on creativity,  learning interest. Besides, it has to instill the right value and belief in the kid's mind instead of emphasizing on academic result only. Hence, our kid will be confident also.

  This Kindergarten can be operated under the right teaching methodology which combines the features of left brain and right brain learning and it will be equipped with good facilities.


    Hence, our daughter can be educated under the right system and, hence, be outstanding and happy."  My wife totally agreed with my idea and we were so excited about it.


     Consequently, in the coming few years, we were so busy of setting up our own kindergarten, Tadika Kastil, which is also called Castle Kindergarten. We pumped in a lot of money to acquire a piece of land from the developer. Besides, we spent a lot of effort together with our team to design the teaching syllabus which we called “International Creative Teaching Method” (ICTM). We engaged architect and construction company to design and build the castle-style building after lots of discussions and studies.

      After a big effort of searching, we registered our daughter with a newly open international school which was about 30Km away from our house. My daughter had to wake up at 6:30am and reached home at 2pm. However, we thought that it would still be worth the time and effort if our kid could learn something which was different from the traditional education method.


     On the first day of sending my daughter to school and fetching her back from school, I realized that it was too tiring for a kid at the age of 4 to experience such a long hour of time on journey and learning. I started to doubt whether I had made a wrong decision to send my daughter to study at a school which was so far away.


   On the way fetching my daughter back while she was sleeping soundly in the car,  I asked my wife: "My dear, since we have been in education business for 15 years, should we open our own Kindergarten for our kid?

Completion of the Building

   Finally, the headquarter of Tadika Kastil was completed in Sep 2011. However, at that time, my daughter had reached the age of 6 and that would be her final year in Kindergarten. It meant she would missed the chance to study in Tadika Kastil .


     Nevertheless, I always feel proud that Tadika Kastil is my precious gift for my daughter. It will also be the best gift to kids from parents who send their kids to study here.


  Kids who study in Tadika Kastil will have the chance to be Outstanding, Happy and Successful under our ICTM teaching methodology. Besides, they can also enjoy lots of good facilities here.

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