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Traditional way of Teaching Method

    Most of the Kindergartens in Malaysia still adopt the traditional way of teaching method which focuses mainly on academic result and left-brain learning. Kids in this kind of schools are always forced to memorize lots of vocabularies and do lots of homework and mathematics exercises. As a result, this kind of kids don't like to learn.  They are always compared with other kids of how many words they have learnt and what kind of numerical calculation they can do. However, lots of studies by educationists have shown that kids with good academic result don't perform well in their career and life if they don't have learning interest. Hence, forcing young kids to memorize lots of vocabularies should not be the right education method.

   Besides, there are a small number of kindergartens in Malaysia starting to adopt the western way of teaching method which emphasizes mainly on games and projects. Kids in this kind of kindergartens are happy as they don't need to do school homework or mathematics exercises. However, problems arise when these kids enter the primary schools of Malaysia. They hardly cope with the education system of primary schools as they don't have much academic fundamental in languages and mathematics. They will be punished frequently in the primary schools as their academic results will be lagged behind and they will also lose the learning interest and confidence at the same time. Unless these kids are enrolled in International Schools after they graduate from the kindergartens, it will be difficult for them to cope with the syllabus in general primary schools. However, the percentage of children going to International Schools in Malaysia is still very low.

Western Way of Teaching Method
ICTM emphasizes both the Left-brain and Right-brain learning.

      Founded in 1996, Sarjana Jaya Education Group has accumulated more than 20 years of experience and expertise in children education. We design our own teaching syllabus of Tadika Kastil which is called ICTM (International Creative Teaching Method) to suit the needs of students in Malaysia and probably also students in Asia in order to cultivate Outstanding, Happy and Successful kids.


    In ICTM teaching methodology, we emphasize both the left-brain learning and right-brain learning. For left-brain learning, kids will learn Languages, Sciences, Math & Logic and also Reading. However, the syllabus is designed with the combination of activities, games and exercises. Hence, kids will have fun during the lesson while they build strong academic fundamental to prepare them for syllabus in primary schools of Malaysia.

Powerful Right Brain

   According to the research by scientist, right brain can store 100,000 times more information than left brain and 80% of right brain cell are developed by the age of 6. Hence, it's so crucial for a kindergarten to design the syllabus to develop the right brain of kids. In Tadika Kastil, we design syllabus like Project Management and Leadership Training which kids can run few projects in a year. Besides, we design syllabus like Art and Performance which allows kids to perform on the stage at least three times a year and they can have their weekly rehearsal in our own theatre. Other than that, we organize club like violin club, piano club and art club. We are proud to say that we are the first-ever kindergarten in Johor who organizes the violin club for kids and they perform frequently on stage. All these activities and courses are designed to stimulate the right brain cell of kids so that kids will have a much more powerful right brain. Besides, kids also enjoy while participating in these activities and they show their talents in many aspects besides the academic learning.

International Creative Teaching Method


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