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     Tadika Kastil (Castle Kindergarten) was founded in 2011 by Mr. Victor Lee and Ms. Mavis Chew. It aims to cultivate ‘Outstanding & Happy’ kids by providing premium early childhood education to the community. In year 2017, after going through all the strict evaluation and assessment by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK), Tadika Kastil was successfully awarded franchise licence and it abides by Malaysia Franchise Act.

   It took a long period of time for the Ministry to review the franchise license application by Tadika Kastil. The officers from the Ministry reviewed through the business concept, marketing system, standard operation procedure, teaching syllabus and also the profit model of franchisees to ensure that the whole business would be profitable and lasting before they could approve the application.

   Since then, Tadika Kastil has ventured into franchise expansion program to expand the franchise branches of Tadika Kastil across the whole Malaysia. 

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Three Prerequisites for Franchise Partners

    From now on,  Mr. Victor Lee has officially invited partners who agree with the teaching methodology and business model of Tadika Kastil to join him. However, they still have to fulfill the following three prerequisites:

  1. They have to treat Tadika Kastil branches as their own enterprise.

  2. They have strong passion in educating kids.

  3. They have enough capital for investing in the facilities and equipment to provide a comfortable learning environment for kids.

   “Besides classrooms, we provide meeting room, dancing theater and eco farm in every franchise outlet. We will monitor the whole renovation progress in order to comply with our requirement for the best learning environment.” said Mr. Victor Lee.  

Effective Marketing System and Reasonable Franchise Fee

    Having been in the market for many years, Tadika Kastil possesses  a complete know-how in marketing and sales system including organizing the open day, planning the launching ceremony and doing promotion in social media. It will definitely help the new franchisees to make the business successful.

    Besides, the well-trained teachers are the key factors to ensure the teaching quality of a kindergarten. Therefore, Tadika Kastil provides many different types of trainings throughout the year and all the teachers from branches of Tadika Kastil are required to attend all these training at the headquarter.

    “With the details and accuracy in renovation budget and expenses, franchisees don’t need to worry about unexpected  spending on unnecessary items.”, said Mr Victor Lee.

Sunrise Business with Lucrative Profit

    Early Childhood industry is a promising business. According to Mr. Victor Lee, as long as each franchise branch can achieve 30 enrolments of student, they will reach a balance point in term of the income and expenses.

    Mr. Lee reiterated early childhood industry is a progressive and linear business as compared with F& B industry which could be affected by the instability of the number of the customers. In addition, the population of Malaysia is increasing drastically and the next generation needs to be well educated too so the market demand will be high. Therefore, the chance of success of franchisees is very high and they will earn the profit.

    “In order to assure the benefits of our franchisees, we will assist them to evaluate the location of new branches, the structure of the population, and the income level of the residents. We will also regulate the area allocation to avoid competition among branches of Tadika Kastil。”said Mr. Victor Lee

Tadika Kastil Franchise Background

Background of Tadika Kastil
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