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Castle Kindergarten



Tadika Kastil (Castle Kindergarten) is one of the Best Kindergarten in Malaysia. It was established in year 2011 under Sarjana Jaya Education Group. It was officially launched by the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Higher Education, YB Dr. Hou Kok Chung, in that year.


Our Purpose:

To cultivate Outstanding and Happy kids with Confidence, Creativity, Strong Academic Foundation and Right Value in the Comfortable, Conducive, Castle style  environment through the Innovative,  In-depth, Effective Teaching Methodology called ICTM to the highest standards of Education. The kids will be Successful in their career and  life in the future.

Tadika Kastil
Tadika Kastil
Tadika Kastil

Contact Us: (60)12-788 0204 / 07-235 9979 /  tadika.kastil@gmail.com

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