Sarjana Jaya Education Group was founded in 1996 by Mr. Victor Lee and Ms. Mavis Chew. The core business at that time was to provide tuition services for kindergarten school students, primary school students and secondary school students up to form 5.


    In order to let students learn effectively, Sarjana Jaya Education Group spent tremendous effort to develop and edit our own Combine Introduction Method (CIM) teaching material according to the school syllabus. CIM teaching material was designed in a way where fundamental theories were learnt and understood before moving to upper level so that students built a strong foundation of the subjects they learnt. Together with another unique learning technique which was called Genius Learning Method (GLM) developed by Mr. Victor Lee, students of Sarjana Jaya Education Group had achieved very good academic result. There were many branches of tuition schools named "Pusat Tuisyen Sarjana Jaya" scattering over the West Malaysia.

International Creative Teaching Method

    Sarjana Jaya Education Group developed and edited a teaching material using "International Creative Teaching Method" (ICTM) for Tadika Kastil. The ICTM teaching material is not only suitable for students in Malaysia but it's also useful for students in Asia.


   ICTM emphasizes both the right-brain and left-brain learning of kids.


  Under this teaching method, kids will be creative, confident, interested to learn. Besides, they will have strong academic foundation and languages ability also.

Winning Awards

   Besides, Sarjana Jaya Education Group became the first tuition school who won the "Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellent Award" consecutively for two years in 2007 and 2008 in the categories of "Excellence Brand", "Excellence Service Quality" and "Excellence Leadership".

Kindergarten Business

   However, after many years of experience and expertise in educa-tion service industry, Sarjana Jaya Education Group realized that the importance of early childhood education. Therefore, in 2010, Sarjana Jaya Education Group, had make a critical decision to venture into kindergarten business. In the subsequent year, "Tadika Kastil" (Castle Kindergarten) was established in order to cultivate outstanding, happy and successful kids.

Franchising Opportunities

    Furthermore, Sarjana Jaya Education Group had also completed the development and designed of the Franchising system for Tadika Kastil in year 2016..


    We are now opening the franchising opportunities for persons who are passionate in early childhood education and who like to run the kindergarten business.

Genius and Right Brain Development Programme​

   In recent years, Sarjana Jaya Education Group has also ventured into other education related business. In 2015, we also collaborated with few partners to develop a series of lessons for "Genius and Right Brain Development" program.


   With more than 20 years of experience in education service indus-try, Sarjana Jaya Education Group will continue to serve the society, to develop excellent teaching material and to cultivate more outstanding and happy kids in Malaysia.

Sarjana Jaya Group Background

Background of Sarjana Jaya Group

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